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Tournament Strategies – Spring Issue 2018

Tournament Strategies
Having a Plan Goes a Long Way Towards Cashing a Cheque
by Eric Labaupa
As published in Spring 2018 Hooked Magazine
Open water competitive fishing is a highly-addictive sport as more and more anglers are finding out every season. Putting your angling prowess to the test against a pile of other competitors adds a whole new level […]

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Tournament Class Rigs – Boat Show Issue 2018

Tournament Class Rigs
Equipment and Features to Consider to Get in the Game
by Eric Labaupa
As published in Boat Show Issue 2018 Hooked Magazine
March Madness affectionately describes the frenzy of action during ice fishing prime time. It also accurately describes the angst many open water tournament anglers feel at this time of year as they eagerly await […]

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Winning Elements of Tournament Fishing – Spring Issue 2017

Winning Elements of Tournament Fishing
by Eric Labaupa
As published in Spring 2017 Hooked Magazine
With the open water angling season now upon us, so too begins the annual competitive fishing calendar in this part of the country. No sooner than the exact day the season commences in southern Manitoba, does the very first tournament of the year […]

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2017 Top 12 Competitive Angler Rankings for Central Canada – Winter Issue 2017

2017 Top 12 Competitive Angler Rankings for Central Canada
by Eric Labaupa
As published in Winter 2017 Hooked Magazine
We look back on the past year of competitive angling to highlight a handful of impressive season performances. The second year of this annual list compiled by Kickerfish is based on tournament performances during the 2017 season within the region and […]

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Drift Sock-A-Doodle-Do

The Right Sock for Me…

By Dino D’andreamatteo

Every Walleye fisherman knows that when fishing for walleye you need to fish near the bottom most of the time.  Using a drift sock will allow you to cover more area to find the fish and allow your jig time to sink to the bottom to enable proper presentation […]

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Tournament Fishing: View From Two Sides

The Highs and Lows of Tournament Fishing

By Jeremy Santos

Welcome to Kickerfish!!  If you are reading this, you must be one of those hardcore anglers who is into tournament fishing, or looking to get into it. Either way, fishing runs through your veins and there is no other way to up the ante in the fishing […]

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G Loomis Skeleton Cup

Opening Day Tournament Provides a Fun and Difficult Day on the Water

by Steve Sasaki

As I sit here on a rainy Saturday organizing my tackle daydreaming of fiery top water Smallmouth Bass action, I can’t help but ponder what my upcoming fishing season has in store for me.  The first event for the tournament bass season […]

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MBA Fundraiser

Spring Fling

By Steve Sasaki

As we finally shake off winter and welcome in spring, things in the fishing world are buzzing with excitement!  Lakes are thawing at a rapid rate, boats are getting maintained, reels being re-spooled with fresh line and the Manitoba Bass Anglers host their annual “Beer and A burger” fundraising event at Tavern […]

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Angler Profile – Josh Peacock

Team Kickerfish contributor Jeremy Santos interviewed local tournament angler Josh Peacock recently.  The St.Croix Rods Pro Staff is an accomplished writer and tournament bass angler based out of Kenora, Northwest Ontario.


1)      How did you get into fishing?

Fishing has been a big part of my life since day one. My family has lived on the shores […]

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