Manitoba Wildlife Federation

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1. To promote conservation, angling, hunting trapping, shooting sports and outdoor-oriented activities.

2. To encourage membership within the Federation of those Manitobans that profess an interest in outdoor activities, including the protection of fish and wildlife habitat and resources.

3. To promote conservation among its members and to protect the natural resources of the Province of Manitoba; its soils, minerals, forests, water and wildlife.

4. To promote, encourage and support the propagation of game, fish species and their natural habitat.

5. To assist and encourage the enforcement of game laws, which are in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Federation and to strive for enhanced laws and programs when considered necessary.

6. To work cooperatively with government and like-minded groups towards common goals for the greater good of the greater number.

7. To educate members and the general population of our province about conservation, habitat and resources as well as outdoor and hunting safety.

8. To promote and practice ethical behaviour at all times.

9. To keep members apprised of Federation-related news through the publication of its official magazine, Outdoor Canada West.

10. To communicate openly and honestly with members in an environment of trust and understanding.

11. To support the objectives of the MWF Habitat Foundation.

12. To protect and enhance the privileges of its members in the wise and ethical use of our resources.