Kickerfish Media presents the Selkirk Walleye Championship – October 26-27, 2019. Two-day live-release team walleye tournament on the Red River out of Selkirk Park. Cash prizes to Top 10 teams. Top 5 cash prizes each day to ten different teams. Big Fish cash prize each day.Contact Eric Labaupa or Garther Cheung for more info.

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PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal WeightDay 1 - BFDay 1 TotalDay 2 - BFDay 2 TotalTotal # of FishTeam #
1Kyle SlobodianJarrett Slobodian46.629.9421.169.1025.461010
2Butch WatermanJesse Waterman34.41-12.259.3922.16109
3Mike DotoliKevin Christiansen31.9612.1117.14-14.82104
4Marc ForneauxChris Gillis28.309.0519.86-8.441011
5Branko MamulaDario Mamula24.66-8.07-16.59107
6Jeff MeyerAndy Meyer18.91-14.78-4.131012
7Peter WeidmannMatthew Weidmann16.87-4.70-12.17108
8Justin SurlaJomar Sarmiento16.50-8.48-8.02101
9Steve SemotiukMitch Bileski16.14-9.17-6.97105
10Matt MoranBlair Callbeck14.97-7.84-7.13103
11Dakota BorkColton Bork11.83-6.33-5.50106
12Ryan MontgomeryStephen Klopak11.29-5.98-5.3142