The Right Sock for Me…

By Dino D’andreamatteo

Every Walleye fisherman knows that when fishing for walleye you need to fish near the bottom most of the time.  Using a drift sock will allow you to cover more area to find the fish and allow your jig time to sink to the bottom to enable proper presentation for fish.

Not every drift sock is the same; they will vary based on size and quality. Many articles will list a boat size and then state drift sock size. This is a good reference point but you may want to look at how and where you are using the drift sock. Are you using it in windy conditions? Are you using to help anchor your boat? Will you be using more than 1 drift sock? All these are important questions to ask as size and price of drift socks can differ.

I would recommend buying a quality drift sock with weighted bottom edge. This allows the sock to sink and fill quickly to slow your drift much faster over your key spot. Filling the sock quicker will also allow for less of a chance for sock to twist. I would also recommend buying a good quality durable material as the sock fills with water and can be under lots of pressure, the better material won’t rip under load or if it gets tangled in trees or debris.

Lastly I would recommend a drift sock that is easy to clip on and off your boat. Many premium drift socks on the market will meet all these features listed as well as a durable clip to fasten quickly to your boat. In the past I have added a dog leash to the end of a drift sock so I can easily fasten on and off the boat. This will also push the drift sock 3-4 feet farther from the boat allowing you to use the net and land fish easier at the front of the boat if required. The one drawback may be the retrieval cord required to empty the drift sock may be a bit short so just ensure you check if you install a leash or longer hook.

I have used a few different drift socks and my recommended favorite would be the Minn Kota drift sock like the MKA-27 Pro, you can also purchase the harness that allows quick clip to a boat and small buoy so line can float making it easier to remove from water.

Drift sock Uses:

  • Slow you down to a light drift allowing you fish the bottom in faster water or windy conditions;
  • Having a hard time with your anchor holding? Put the drift sock in the water and allow your boat to slow a bit then throw anchor in water. This will help anchor to hold and if anchor comes loose, the drift sock will still work and keep your boat to a slow drift so you can fish or re-position your anchor;
  • Drift socks can also be used as safety equipment. You may have motor problems and are drifting fast into rocks or down the river. You can utilize your drift sock to help slow you down and have a bit more time to address the concern.