MBA Falcon Lake Bass Classic

MAY 11, 2019
PC: Marcel Laferriere
MAY 11, 2019   

This event, deliberately scheduled on the Manitoba open water season opener, marks the beginning of the tournament season in Central Canada.  The first tournament on the Manitoba Bass Anglers association’s schedule, it’s unique in that no competitors can pre-fish Falcon Lake as the season is still closed until tournament day.  Combined with quite often difficult post-winter /pre-spawn bass, this tournament can test even the most seasoned bass angler’s mettle.  This is also the Kick-off tournament for the MBA Amateur Bass Trail.

For more information about this year’s tournament go to the Manitoba Bass Anglers website.

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PC - Darryl Melnyk PC – Darryl Melnyk

2019 Final Results

PlaceCaptainPartnerTOTALBig Bass # of FishTEAM
1Jamie Bruce Brian McNanney14.214.10529
2Steve EllieTed Stewner12.73.65545
3Darryl KeszlerAlex Keszler12.413.99530
4Jamie HubatkaSteve hassett11.592.82522
5Mark WalkerJohn Gaudette9.834.1339
6Kevin ChristiansonMike Dotoli8.263.32412
7Mike MilesDana Fast7.622.31537
8Darryl MelnykChris Klassen7.572.52516
9Derek StannardChris Tholl7.322.87321
10Jay Samsal Scott Dingwall6.402.36427
11Lori BazeloCorey Doerksen5.773.15241
12Josh PeacockClay Lajeunesse5.243.24232
13Amanda KeszlerLogan Zimmerman5.202.07313
14Tony ShirleyPaul Marion4.020.00244
15John GuzejRick Loeb3.762.05217
16Tyler CampbellRyan Montgomery3.270.0033
17Devon McDougallPhil Litton2.792.79514
18Gianni NevieriChris Franklin2.780.00228
19Dino D'AndreamatteoChris Wantzing2.300.00234
20Eric LabaupaJeremy Santos2.240.00235
21Campbell MalkoMatt George1.871.87150
22Mike BorseBruce Huynen1.831.83125
23Matt HaarsmaTeal Moszynski1.551.55142
24Carter TresoorOwen Stebnitsky1.471.4715
25Steve SasakiGarther Cheung1.341.34115
26Ty McNaughtonJay McNaughton1.211.21148
27Jayden SymondsCoel Forsyth0.970.97149
28Tye HiebertLuke Hiebert0.790.79120
29Josh HaisellJeff Thompson0.000.0001
30Jason HurdGrant Lethbridge0.000.0002
31Chris MillmanDevun Groot0.000.0004
32Brad MelnykKirk Gustafson0.000.0006
33Garret BarkerEric Barker0.000.0007
34Eric MillerQuinton Mohammed0.000.0008
35Byran HallidayMat Favreau0.000.00010
36Justin McGinnis Grad King0.000.00011
37Tim SinnockScott Kuz0.000.00018
38Riley SmithEric Rey0.000.00019
39Eric PopoffDaryl Popoff0.000.00023
40Danny TothEden Toth0.000.00024
41Tyler MandziukJustin Surla0.000.00026
42Darryl RempelRylan Rempel0.000.00031
43Blake MorkenRick Wheeler0.000.00033
44Bryan McCaughanRobert Fedon0.000.00036
45Thomas HassanMisty Hassan0.000.00038
46Tim StremplerTerry McClymont0.000.00039
47Mark TaraschukJoe Urbanic0.000.00040
48Steven ChambersGavin Kaisaris0.000.00043
49Aaron GenailleChad Tritthart0.000.00046
50Andrew CsupakNolan Plew0.000.00047
51Jeff MeyerNick Meyer0.000.00051

2018 Final Results

PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal WeightBig Fish# of BassBoat #
1Jamie BruceBrian McNanney13.633.6751
2Jamie HubatkaSteve Hassett13.273.58536
3Luke HiebertTye Hiebert12.103.03526
4Tony ShirleyPaul Marion10.18 0.00517
5Tim StremplerTerry McClymont10.042.28518
6Darren ZalitachTal Taylor9.402.38540
7Ian WatererJayden Symonds9.382.35531
8Matthew HaarsmaChuck Haarsma8.993.0044
9Leslie HarrisonTanner McCrae8.721.94512
10Derek StannardChris Simmonds8.671.9853
11Erik MillerQuentin Mohammad8.502.83444
12John GuzejRick Loeb8.142.27434
13Logan ZimmermanAmanda Keszler7.562.17416
14Jay SamsalBryan Gustafson7.332.92323
15Blair DingwallJeff Dingwall7.240.00539
16Steven ChambersScott H. 6.440.00443
17Tim SinnockScott Kuz5.592.8132
18Josh PeacockClay lajeunesse5.420.00322
19Eric RopoffDaryl Ropoff5.382.03319
20Aaron GenailleChad Tritthart4.782.97214
21Darrell KeszlerAlex Keszler3.872.43220
22Rob ReimerAndrew Moffat3.822.2428
23Justin SurlaTyler Mandziuk3.123.12145
24Darryl MelnykChris Klassen2.412.4115
25Devon McDougallJustin Stapon2.162.16113
26Josh HaisellMalcolm Tisdale2.112.11124
27Eric LabaupaJeremy Santos1.881.88127
28Chris CowardJodi Recksiedler-Coward1.801.8017
29Bruce HuynenMike Borse1.491.49132
30Scott KilpatrickSteve Sasaki0006
31Justin CrumpNeil Crump0009
32Cliff JuerKyle Verplaetse00015
33Mike MilesDana Fast00021
34John FrostAndrew Rogzinski00025
35David FutrosRachael Swift00028
36Ted StewnerSteve Ellie00029
37Tyler CampbellRyan Montgomery00030
38Brad KingJustin McGinnis00033
39Ernie WaldnerAnnette Walder00035
40Brad MelnykAdam Ryan00037
41Jason HurdGrant Lethbridge00038
42Mike CoteNatalie Cote00041
43Chad WattamRemi Chartier00042
44Danny TothMike Dotoli00010
45Riley SmithEric Rey00011

2017 Final Results

PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal Weight # of FishBig BassBoat #
1Darrell KeszlerAlex Keszler13.0753.679
2Mike Borse Bruce Huynen12.8753.708
3Scott DingwallJay Samsal12.8553.355
4Eric LabaupaJeremy Santos12.8353.4235
5Josh PeacockClay Lajeunesse12.8153.4813
6Jamie Bruce Brian McNanny12.8053.883
7Mike Miles Steve Sasaki12.7853.5410
8Tim StremplerTerry McClymont12.6953.441
9Chris CowardJodi Reeksiedler-Coward12.6553.3412
10Rob RezShawn12.5054.4240
11Logan ZimmermanAmanda Keszler12.2853.1118
12Danny TothMike Dotoli12.1653.8117
13Derek StannardChris Tholl11.9652.6932
14Tyler CampbellRyan Montgomery11.7052.9827
15John GuzejRick Loeb11.5954.1521
16John Frost Andrew Rogozinski11.3552.8733
17Luke Hiebert Tye Hiebert11.0052.2116
18Steven ChambersGavin Kaisaris10.9053.7914
19Garther CheungJordan Harder10.7654.1339
20Brad MelnykCody Melnyk10.7053.0023
21Erik MillerRiley Smith10.5652.9830
22Jason MannMatt Fast10.3553.0929
23Andrew KleinElliott Panciera10.3052.4634
24Chad WattamSylvie Wattam10.1152.6026
25Les HarrisonPaul Chartrand9.8353.1315
26Mark WalkerJohn Gaudette9.1743.376
27Brad KingGord Adams9.1152.622
28Ian WatererJayden Symonds8.8552.4820
29Jamie HubatkaSteve Hassett8.8151.8411
30Rob ReimerAshley Van Oeveren8.2952.074
31Aaron GenailleChad Tritthart6.7333.4524
32David FutrosEric Rey2.8621.6319
33Tim Sinnock Scott Kuz2.7921.6828
34Ernie WaldnerAdam Moore2.0612.067
35Kevin GosselinPete Howitt1.7011.7022
36Eric PopoffDaryl Popoff1.0811.0836
37Joey LabossiereRorie Smith0.9610.9625
38Chris FranklinGianni Nevieri0.0000.0038
39Dustin McLeodJohn McLeod0.0000.0041

2016 Final Results

The first tournament of the season took place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the annual MBA Falcon Lake opener.  The G-Loomis Skeleton Cup was also the first qualifying event on the Kickerfish Bass Series.  The fishing is always tough on opening day (read more in Steve Sasaki’s article: Opening Day Tournament Provides a Fun and Difficult Day on the Water) but this past Saturday’s tournament proved to be even tougher due to the sudden drop in temperature from the mid-twenties Manitoba had been seeing days before May 14.  Tough as it was, Derek Stannard and Chris Tholl managed to catch their 5 bass limit, winning the tournament with a total weight of 12.27 lbs with a kickerfish of 3.27 lbs!  Their big bass came in second to the Big Bass Award of 4.29 lbs brought in by the team of Josh Peacock and Clay Lajeunesse.

Photos by: Marcel Laferriere

PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal WeightBig Bass# of Fish
1Derek StannardChris Tholl12.273.275
2Scott DingwallJay Samsal12.123.865
3Josh PeacockClay Lajeunesse11.664.29 Big Bass5
4Luke HiebertTye Hiebert8.962.985
5Jayden SymondsIan Waterer8.822.535
6Aaron GenailleChad Tritthart8.114.113
7Tim StremplerMichael Causyn7.721.825
8Brad MelnykBrad King7.682.145
9Steven ChambersJosh Doherty6.923.104
10Tony ShirleyMarla Murphy6.832.784
11Les HarrisonPaul Chartrand6.652.374
12Jeremy KantylukMyles Pancicra6.482.603
13John GuzejRick Loeb4.892.063
14Logan ZimmermanAmanda Keszler4.831.663
15John FrostBrandon Kamm3.031
16Jamie HubatkaSteve Hassett2.721.332
17Corey TokerCraig Stapon2.231.372
18Brent WalkerEric Miller1.831
19Rob ReimerJason Maskell1.811
20Bruce HuynenMike Borse1.191
21Quinn ParentIan Cranston00
22Kurtis RakBlaine Deveson00
23James NoweCory Dickson00
24Mike MilesCody Robillard00
25Jeremy SantosKen Polvorosa00
26Darryl Melnyk Tyler Campbell00
27Ben LangAshley Van Oeveren00
28Mark WalkerJohn Gaudette00
29Garther CheungMatthew Gelley00
30Nick SchmautzKyle Bagan00
31Tim SinnockScott Kuz00
32Andrew HowieSara Howie00

2015 Final Results

The local 2015 fishing tournament season kicked off with the annual Falcon Lake Bass Classic hosted by the Manitoba Bass Anglers Association.  An earlier ice out this spring combined with stable weather leading up to tourney day led to unprecedented weights brought in to the scale this year.  A total of 12 teams scored in double digits in pounds weighed which is well above average for an event notorious for being a very difficult fish.  The winning team of Steve Sasaki and Garther Cheung beat out a talented field and ran away with the title bringing in a near perfect 14.65 lbs.  Considering the Manitoba regulations of only two bass per team over 40cm, the feat is nothing short of astounding.  “It truly was a dream tournament,” beamed Sasaki.  “We caught the two 4lbers early and then we were able to round out the limit with three perfect slots”.  In second place was the Kenora team of Cabela’s Pro Jay Samsal and Darren Marcine. Rounding out the top 3 only a fraction of a pound behind was the veteran team of St. Croix Pro Tim Strempler and Terry McClymont.



PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal Weight# of Fish CaughtBoat #
1Steve SasakiGarther Cheung 14.6552
2Jay SamsalDarrin Marcine 12.8551
3Tim StremplerTerry McClymont12.80518
4Josh PeacockClay Lajeunesse12.15523
5Alex KeszlerWayne Wagner11.90527
6John GaudetteMark Walker11.75511
7Chris Tholl11.55528
8Eric LabaupaJeremy Santos11.4058
9Brad KingGuyle Sternat11.0557
10Paul ChartrandLeslie Harrison11.00525
11Brad Melnyk10.95516
12Bruce HuynenMike Borse10.5555
13Logan ZimmermanAmanda Kesler9.6553
14Julius SchellenbergGeorge Doerksen9.20421
15Cam DingwallJon Pearson8.55324
16Luke HiebertSteve Hassett8.30410
17Mike StrukDustin McLeod7.80526
18Brad HarlosJohn Davidson4.90315
19Ben LangAshley Vanoeveren4.8539
20James PattersonRob Lestrat3.30220
21Roy LemayJayden Symonds3.30222
22Tim SinnockChase Stewner2.7014
23Tony ShirleyPaul Marion2.45113
24Rob ReimerJason Maskell2.20117
25Rob RezJamie Hubatka2.1526
26Brent WalkerMitch Swicki0.00012
27Al ParenteauHeather Amy0.00014
28Mike MilesCody Robillard0.00019

2014 Final Results

PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal WeightBig Fish# of fish caught
1Ted StewnerSteve Ellie10.452.555
2Josh PeacockClay Lajeunesse10.153.255
3John FrostRyan Ewanchuk10.102.505
4Bruce HuynenMike Borse9.952.855
5Tim StremplerTerry McClymont8.302.255
6Tony Shirley
Marla Murphy7.952.505
7Scott Dingwall
Joanna Ripley5.852.553
8Jamie Hubaika
Steve Hassett5.151.554
9Eric Labaupa
Jeremy Santos4.752.552
10Stuart Neniska
John Neniska4.652.902
11Alex Keszler
Wayne Wagner4.152.602
12Jay Samsal
Darren Marcine3.601.652
13Logan Zimmerman
Amanda Keszler2.502.501
14Scott Kilpatrick
Steve Sasaki2.102.101
15Richard Woloschuk
Leslie Harrison2.002.001
16Jamie Bruce
Ashley Haines1.851.851
17John Gaudette
Rob Becker1.751.751
18Chris Klassen
Darryl Melnyk1.601.601

2013 event cancelled due to late ice

2012 Final Results

PlaceCaptainPartnerTotal WeightBig Fish# of Fish Caught
1Scott DingwallJoanna Ripley14.004.005
2Darren Marcine Brian McNanny13.053.555
3Alex Keszler Wayne Wagner12.653.555
4Thomas WhiteArvel White12.603.455
5John Gaudette Rob Becker12.404.055
6Mark Libitka Al Ufland12.053.505
7Pat James Scott Cook12.053.305
8Jay Samsal Ben Gustafson11.854.104
9Josh Peacock Clay Lajeunesse11.353.655
10Stuart Neniska John Neniska11.002.455
11Blair Dingwall Dylan Smith10.853.105
12Leslie Harrison Eugene Harrison10.603.055
13Chris Bilenky Steve Wintemute9.453.055
14Chris Klassen Darryl Melnyk9.403.055
15Andrew Howie Bryan Gustafson9.353.654
16Tim Strempler Terry McClymont9.352.905
17Bruce Huynen Mike Borse8.902.255
18Chris Tholl8.503.553
19Roy Lemay Andrew Moore8.302.305
20Logan Zimmerman Jeremy Pagura8.251.805
21Jamie Hubatka Luke Hiebert8.052.205
22Brad King Mark Knutson7.502.205
23George McGowan Kevin Stefanik6.651.405
24Garrett Paul Tim Sinnock6.402.055
25Darryl Galusha Callum Galusha4.752.203
26Cam DingwallJohn Moncrief4.304.301
27Rob ReimerDon Reimer4.301.703
28George Doerksen Sadie Doerksen4.152.003
29Steve Sasaki Scott Kilpatrick3.803.801
30Gary Haiko B Haiko3.652.302
31Jay SiemensLuke Fehr2.852.851
32Colin Gluting Scott Gluting2.552.551
33Derek Stannard Ryan Marlowe2.301.202
34Tony Shirley Paul Marion2.251.552
35Coel Forsyth1.051.051
36Dave Gardiner Don Holowchuk0.000
37Randy Latta Cory Loreth0.000
38Greg ZdepJason Tait0.000
39Paul Janzen Justin Hebert0.000
40Tom Neniska Kyle Mosionier0.000
41Matt Haarsma Derek Robinson0.000
42Scott Rydberg
43Mike Struk Bryan Wolfe
44Darren Neniska Jack Neniska