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Drift Sock-A-Doodle-Do

The Right Sock for Me…

By Dino D’andreamatteo

Every Walleye fisherman knows that when fishing for walleye you need to fish near the bottom most of the time.  Using a drift sock will allow you to cover more area to find the fish and allow your jig time to sink to the bottom to enable proper presentation […]

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Tournament Fishing: View From Two Sides

The Highs and Lows of Tournament Fishing

By Jeremy Santos

Welcome to Kickerfish!!  If you are reading this, you must be one of those hardcore anglers who is into tournament fishing, or looking to get into it. Either way, fishing runs through your veins and there is no other way to up the ante in the fishing […]

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G Loomis Skeleton Cup

Opening Day Tournament Provides a Fun and Difficult Day on the Water

by Steve Sasaki

As I sit here on a rainy Saturday organizing my tackle daydreaming of fiery top water Smallmouth Bass action, I can’t help but ponder what my upcoming fishing season has in store for me.  The first event for the tournament bass season […]

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MBA Fundraiser

Spring Fling

By Steve Sasaki

As we finally shake off winter and welcome in spring, things in the fishing world are buzzing with excitement!  Lakes are thawing at a rapid rate, boats are getting maintained, reels being re-spooled with fresh line and the Manitoba Bass Anglers host their annual “Beer and A burger” fundraising event at Tavern […]

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Buckeyes Fishing for a Cure Derby

The Miles Macdonell Collegiate Angling Club out of Winnipeg held their annual fishing derby on the shore at Lockport on May 27.  The event caps off a series of twice a week group outings to the banks of the Red River.  Headed by Physical Education and school Athletic Director Timothy Au, the extra-curricular club is […]

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Competitors gearing up for the Falcon Lake Walleye Masters Cup

The second annual Falcon Lake Walleye Masters Cup goes down in less than a week.  This year’s field at the second stop of the Central Walleye Trail is at a whopping 63 boats.  The competition is sure to be tough and anglers will need to pull out all of the stops to finish in the […]

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